How to Keep Muscle While Losing Weight

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keep muscle while losing weightOften times when people diet, they do it wrong, and end up losing weight in the form of muscle.  It’s entirely possible to keep muscle while losing weight, but there are some guidelines you need to follow to make that happen, which I will share with you in this short post.  But first, let’s talk about why this is important.

Shaklee Vitalizer – A Supplement Pack the Delivers Essential Nutrition to all the Right Places

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Shaklee VitalizerTired of just feeling okay? If you are anything like the other 90% of Americans walking around, you probably don’t eat a well balanced diet, which affects your overall health tremendously.  For this reason alone, supplementing your diet with a product like Shaklee Vitalizer can make a huge difference in how you feel today, and how you feel down the road.

5 Tips to Make Your Weight Loss New Years Resolutions Stick

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weight loss new year's resolutionsIt’s time to ring in a new year.  In the upcoming weeks, gyms will be packed because weight loss new year’s resolutions are always popular.  For some reason, people think the new year is a great time to shed the unwanted weight, and work toward a better self for the upcoming year.  For most people, it fades fast.

Why is it that so many people make this resolution, only to let it slip away the first chance they get?  Why is it that people hit the gyms hard for a few weeks after the new year, only to let that go too?  Is losing weight a resolution you can feel good about dumping?  Is it easy to say “next year” when it comes to losing weight and getting fit?

Why Weight Loss and Metabolism Go Hand and Hand

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weight loss and metabolismIf you are trying to lose weight, and have tried fad diets or starvation chances are good you lost some weight, only to end up heavier than you were before you started the diet.

Why is that?

It’s quite simple.  It’s because when you starve yourself, or take part in any other unhealthy weight loss diet you most likely lose weight in the form of muscle.  When this happens, you cripple your chances of burning fat in the future because muscle creates metabolism, and metabolism is what helps you burn fat.

Shaklee 180 Review – Can Shaklee 180 Help You?

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Shaklee 180 reviewLooking for a Shaklee 180 review? If so, you are in a good place!  In this post, I will share my experience with Shaklee 180, and tell you about the results I have gotten while using this product to manage my weight.

It is my hopes that you will be able to take this information, and make the best decision for you regarding Shaklee 180.

Shaklee Vivix and Healthy Aging Tips

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healthy agingThe holidays are upon us.  While this time of year is one of my absolute favorites, during the next few months most of us will undoubtedly overindulge in many unhealthy ways.  Stress levels rise, intake of high sugar, high fat food consumption will skyrocket, alcohol intake will rise, and we are overloaded with many other environmental toxins as well.  All of these things will contribute to the aging process.  So how can Shaklee Vivix help you promote healthy aging going forward?  Let’s find out!