Why Weight Loss and Metabolism Go Hand and Hand

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weight loss and metabolismIf you are trying to lose weight, and have tried fad diets or starvation chances are good you lost some weight, only to end up heavier than you were before you started the diet.

Why is that?

It’s quite simple.  It’s because when you starve yourself, or take part in any other unhealthy weight loss diet you most likely lose weight in the form of muscle.  When this happens, you cripple your chances of burning fat in the future because muscle creates metabolism, and metabolism is what helps you burn fat.

Then, to compound that, you see some results and decide to reward yourself, or you fall off the diet all together.  Since you have crippled your ability to burn fat, you end up heavier than before.  This is where the term Yo Yo diet comes from.  This is not healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss and Metabolism – Burn Fat & Lose Inches

Weight loss and metabolism go hand in hand.  The best way to burn fat, and lose weight, as well as inches is to eat a healthy diet, and incorporate regular exercise into your life.  Finding the time to fit exercise in can be hard, but if you desire to become fitter and healthier it is something that can really super charge your weight loss efforts.

Don’t skip meals.  Not eating is a curse, and will slow your metabolism.  If it’s not convenient, or you don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast consider weight loss shakes, or meal replacement shakes to substitute.  There are a lot of high quality shakes on the market that are high in protein, and very healthy.

I drink a meal replacement shake to start my day every day, and it helps me maintain a healthy weight.  I enjoy one every day fort breakfast, and it keeps me full until the lunch hour with no problems.  Click here to read about the products I use to help me maintain a healthy weight.

While achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not entirely about your metabolism, it does play a critical role.  Metabolism will help you have the energy you need to do that workout you don’t want to do, go on that walk it would be easier to skip, or get off your butt and do anything else that can help you kick start your body.  Ultimately, losing weight in a healthy manner will come down to eating right, and incorporating regular exercise into your life.

What Works For Me?

To maintain a healthy weight, I exercise about 5 times a week, and do my very best to eat healthy, balanced diet.  I am human, and I don’t always make that happen, but it is something I make an effort to do.  No matter what I eat, I always find the time to get my workouts in.

Note – If you are pressed for time you should check out BurstClub.  In 15 minutes you can get a great workout that will help you start shedding the fat quickly.  Learn more about BurstClub HERE.

As I mentioned above, I also start each day with a healthy, all natural weight loss shake.  These shakes are high in protein, and other nutrients I need to fuel my body.  They are a great way to start the day, and they have played a huge role in my weight loss journey.

I don’t only use shakes, I use an array of products from Shaklee, called 180.  You can learn more about 180 products in my in depth Shaklee 180 review, found HERE.

The 180 products, along with steady exercise have allowed me to drop 30lbs, and keep it off.  I have more energy now to do the things I love, and when I come home to 3 kids 5 and under I know I can be there to play the role I need to play for them, and I love doing it.  Anyone can make it happen, it just takes desire, and a commitment to changing your lifestyle!

I hope this post has been helpful.  Please share on Facebook and leave me a comment below to let me know you were here!

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